Exhibition Analysis in Realtime

expo ANALYTICS recognizes and locates mobile devices both inside and outside of buildings. This provides you with real time surveillance capabilities of your event without infringing visitors’ privacy since no personal data is being transmitted. This solution gives you access to important information about your event such as how many people walked by a certain location during the day or which hours of the day were the busiest.

Useful Insights

The surveillance of movements inside and outside of exhibition halls provides important insights about visitor traffic and behaviour. How many visitors frequent a specific location at the trade fair every day? What are the busiest hours of the day? Does it differ from day to day? These are just a few of the many questions that expo ANALYTICS can answer.


If you're already using the expo NAVIGATION app solutions, you get access to expo ANALYTICS without any additional hardware or changes to the configuration of your technical infrastructure. The app regularly transmits the current visitor location to the server, so that all smartphones using the application can be tracked. Using expo ANALYTICS, however, does not collect any individual-related data, in compliance with legal data privacy requirements.

Movement Profiles & Visitor Amount

Monitoring people’s movements provides important knowledge in relation to their behaviour and prevalence, helping you to better market your next event. Can or should visitor guidance be optimized? Efficient visitor guidance and booth positioning within the hall are usually crucial selling points for the sale of floor space. Expo ANALYTICS provides you with additional data and movement profiles that is useful for your recruitment.


To track all visitor devices – independent of apps already installed – we offer a server-based solution that accesses the existing WiFi structure or uses special WiFi access points (Indoor Locator Nodes). Furthermore, it is possible to analyse visitor flows inside buildings using the Cisco Mobility Service Engine (MSE), without any additional technical infrastructure.

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